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Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends Club of St. Vincent Ferrer School represents those parents or guardians whose children are enrolled in the school and others interested in our students and school. Our aim is to promote a feeling of friendship and responsibility among members, and establish a means of providing needed revenue to supplement tuition.

During the year, the club will call upon parents and friends to share their time and expertise in certain fund raising events. The success of these events will depend on the enthusiasm of those involved. This club is you. Its fruits benefit your child and your school. The families and friends of the school make the club successful and a successful club will make for a better school.

St. Vincent Ferrer School is implementing web-based technology to collaborate with their student's families. Special announcements and calendar postings are maintained online and distributed real-time via automatic updates and alerts. This parent/teacher internal web-site (or intranet) promotes specific web-spaces for classrooms, extra curricular programs and volunteer coordination, securely exchanging specific information for all involved.